Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill Don’t Seem That Excited To Be Surrounded By A Bunch Of Cheerleaders

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OK, so Jonah Hill looks a little excited. Channing Tatum? Not so much.

The dynamic duo hit the red carpet in London today to start promotions for their new movie 22 Jump Street. Channing and Jonah were surrounded by cheerleaders for their photocall, which seems like a normal man’s dream.

But as you know, Channing is no normal man. He’s way cooler than that. I mean, he’s the guy who’s writing Magic Mike XXL

Also, for you amusement there is a photo of Channing in the gallery trying not to look at a cheerleader’s boobs. Cause he knows that he gets to go home and hang out with Jenna Dewan, who is way hotter than all of them.

Launch the gallery to appreciate all the photos from today. So, we can all agree that Jonah is way more excited than Channing right? Is it amusing you too? Sound off in the comments below!