Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Discuss What Makes Them So Different From Each Other

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When asked whether or not opposites attract would you say yes or no?

Often times the best and longest lasting couples have only a few things in common with so many differences. Sometimes you belong with the person who is everything you’re not because they complete you in some way.

Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum are both great dancers, as we’ve learned from both Step Up and Magic Mike. Both are incredibly attractive, talented, and great parents to their little girl.

How, then, do the two differ?

Their diets set them apart. Dewan-Tatum describes her husband as her “polar opposite” in that regard. She’s a vegetarian, meanwhile Tatum is very much a meat eater. Jenna describes what a night at a restaurant is like for them. “Sometimes I can drag him to my vegetarian vegan restaurants – he politely eats, then promptly goes home and eats what he really wants!”

Isn’t it so sweet that he’ll stomach food he might not like because his wife loves it so much?

Back in 2012, Channing did give the whole vegan thing a trial run. He didn’t enjoy it much and ended up gaining weight. He shares, “I don’t like vegetables, so I basically had to wrap them in bread.” All that bread, as you would expect, would make the healthiness of the vegetables pretty much nonexistent even though he would still be getting those nutrients.

At the moment, little Everly Tatum is taking after her mother. Jenna says her daughter “eats fruits and veggies and nothing else.” Above all, she wants her baby to be healthy, just as any mother hopes for her child.

I would have to say that the carnivorous diet is definitely working for Channing. Check out the gallery above to see for yourself!