Charlie Hunnam Gets Into A Tussle For ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, Manages To Look Flawless While Doing So

Charlie Suits Up!
Charlie Hunnam suits up alongside Idris Elba for 'Pacific Rim'
Oh what’s that? You thought that if Charlie Hunnam ever got into a fight he wouldn’t look like a fashion model while doing so?

Well allow me to prove you wrong with these photos of Charlie getting into quite a tussle with Jimmy Smits on the set of Sons of Anarchy. And ask I predicted, Charlie still looks hawt.

Now, I’m kind of behind on my SOA, so I don’t know if what they’re fighting about has anything to do with last season. 

It looked like quite the shake down though, since Charlie and his crew were filmed riding their motorcycles in a very menacing fashion.

Oh! Also! Calvin Klein FINALLY “revealed” the official trailer and poster for “Reveal”. I mean, how is it possible for one man’s back to be this sexy?

Charlie Hunnam  Reveal Shirtless Back

Because I love you guys, I’ve also included the original commercial below. I mean, you can go read all the brilliant stuff I had to say about it a few weeks ago and watch it there, but this works too. So after you’ve gotten yourself worked up with Charlie, launch the gallery to check out his Jax Teller look. Hotness everywhere.