Chad White – Male Model Mondays

March 8th, 2009 // 10 Comments

Chad White is probably the most photographed and most famous male model currently working today. His work for L’Uomo Voque is one of his most important stints as a model, as photographed by world-renowned photographer, Steven Klein.

What you need to know:

Height – 6’2″
Chest – 40″
Waist – 30″
Shoe- 2 US
Hair- Brown
Eyes – Brown

I have a feeling this will not be the last time you’ll be seeing Chad White on the pages of Socialite Life. We can’t believe it took us so long to feature him on Male Model Mondays.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MT

    This guy goes to my gym. I thought he looked familiar.

  2. Jon

    WOW! He’s hung like a horse.

  3. Orandinki

    His shoe size is 2??? That’s smaller than my feet, and they are tiny!!! I’m hoping that’s a typo, because if he wore a size 2 shoe, he would have stumps instead of feet…

  4. KT

    he goes to my gym too..wonder if weve seen each other

  5. apreason

    where is that gym. i suddenly felt i need some day&night exercise. ))

  6. alex

    what gym & where do you go i saw him today in chelsea & was soooo star struck omg!!!

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  10. mark

    yeah, i too have ‘seen him’ in the gym (locker room…chatted once in the sauna/showers). not into gawker/stalker-type or girly comments, but seems like a nice enough guy and does have that ridiculously gifted genetics look to him so figured he was a legit working model though didn’t realize how bigtime i guess. either way, hopefully he goes on to do some more meaningful stuff someday soon; the fashion scene has to be about as vapid and misguided as it gets.

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