Chad Ochocinco And Cheryl Burke Can Stick To Horizontal Dancing Now

If they wanted to. But they keep saying they don’t.

Not much longer for Dancing With The Stars as Chad Ochocinco is cast off into the world of dancing without judgment and the final three remain (Evan Lysacek, Erin Andrews and Nicole Scherzinger).

The NFL star smiled as he bowed out saying “I enjoyed the journey, I met some wonderful people, I got some great criticism that’s only made me stronger and I’ll miss ‘em all, especially the beautiful Cheryl Burke.”

Cheryl returned his favor, although left out any physical admiration. “Chad is the most humble guy you’ll ever meet,” Cheryl said, “the most amazing, soft, gentle man in the world, and I’ve had such an amazing experience with you, thank you.”

When asked what would happen between the partners now that the show is over Chad said “We will remain friends, you know. The relationships here, we’ll all remain friends.” Boring. Just bone like interesting people already.