Chad Lowe Is Getting High Off Life and Love These Days

Things are looking up for Chad Lowe these days. Even though it’s only been a year since his very public separation from Oscar-winning actress wife, Hilary Swank, Chad already has his hands full with his role on Fox’s 24, as well as his relationship with producer, Kim Painter, whom Chad refers to as “a lovely person.” In response to Swank’s confession to Vanity Fair that Lowe’s battle against addiction was a factor in the destruction of their marriage, Lowe spoke to People magazine:

“I was disappointed with her decision to go public with my sobriety,” says Lowe. “But I don’t deny that I had a problem and that it strained our relationship. Was this the reason it ended? No. I’ve been sober for nearly four years and have never felt better. (I’m) forever grateful to Hilary for her support.”

Ah, Vanity Fair. You coquettish little publication you. The minute I get the chance for a cover, I’m going to confess all of my sins, as well as those of anyone remotely close to me. And it would be all worth it.


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