Chace Crawford Plays The Bad Boy This Time

Chace Crawford reveled in the opportunity to star in Twelve playing White Mike, a privileged NYC drug-dealer and somewhat of the evil-twin version of his Gossip Girl character Nate Archibald. Director Joel Schumacher felt like it was time for Chace to embrace his inner bad boy. 

“We had a big long meeting about it and it was of high interest for me
to work with [Joel],” Chace said to MTV News at the premiere. “And it was
good; it was a good departure from ‘Gossip Girl.”

And as for GG, it seems like now after having a taste of the dark side, Chace is bored by the  playing Prince Charming (even though word on the street is that Twelve kinda sucks.)

He said of next season, “Nate’s not up to much [next season]. I guess there’s
several other girls coming along, but …” he said, pictured filming in NYC on July 26. But he caught himself, then hinted, “It’s good to kind of do
something different and switch up and have a nice dichotomy.”

Is Chace planning on saying XOXO to Gossip Girl? Don’t get too tempted by your bad boy streak Chace…that shit never works out well