Chace Crawford Is Looking For A Girl Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Chace Crawford is looking very sophisticated in his photos for Evening Standard magazine and you’d think with looks like that, it wouldn’t be that hard to find a nice girl. But he says that dating is difficult, maybe because he has a set girl in mind – a Texas girl.

“Being around Texas girls all my life, that’s what I’m used to. Maybe it’s their charm, the way they’re raised, their decorousness. My mom kept the household together, managed everything. We were her life and that’s taught me a lot about what I’m gonna want from a girl eventually. I’m using a French phrase to describe a Texan girl but they have a… je ne sais quoi,” he says.

“I’ve dated around, but nothing serious. The process of meeting people has gotten pretty abstract. It could be a bit of paranoia thrown in there on my side, just being wary of other people’s intentions, or people having preconceived notions of who I am. There’s a public perception of you that’s created, and that makes things hard. But I just try to be myself, and to hang on to that. I’ll figure it out.”

Yeah, we don’t have any worries that he’ll be sad, old spinster for the rest of his life…

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