Chace Crawford Is Feeling ‘Footloose’ And Fancy Free

Well, he’s always a bit fancy (if not dirty). But this time a little Footloose, too (see what we did there?).

Since Zac Efron decided on some cemetery-talk-to-dead-people flick instead of the Footloose remake, Hollywood’s been scratching their heads trying to brainstorm who’s Kevin Bacon and jazz hands enough for the role.

So obviously somebody out there threw Chace Crawford’s name into the pile. And why not. He’s got the same wispy, blond-ish, blue-eyed androgyny as Zac. Sounds like a plan.

According to E!’s Marc Malkin, Chace auditioned and did “really well.” But don’t count on it yet, the Paramount Studios execs are obsessed with making this the “hot”, “updated” 2010 release for a “new generation.”