Chace Crawford in Esquire UK

It must be a Gossip Girl day!

Chace Crawford brought the sass this month in Esquire UK, where he was dubiously styled as a New Yorker, if all New Yorkers wear helmets and ride the short bus.  Sorry, Esquire UK; try again.

More importantly, Chace’s website ran a snippet from his interview with Cosmo UK (yes, he did two UK magazines in one month).

So … what do you appreciate in a woman?
“I like extroverted girls with a good sense of humour, and I like British girls because they’re polite, and I like the accent too. My turn-offs? If a girl comes on too strong or gets sloppy drunk and looks a mess, that’s never good.”

Do you believe in love at first sight?
“I do. There’s an instant response you get when you see someone special. You have to act on it. I’ve experienced it, and I love that feeling.”

How do you feel about one-night stands?
“I’m not keen. It makes you wary of people’s intentions. You’ve got to meet them through friends or someone you trust. I like to get to know a girl first – it’s good to have a casual friendship and have fun.”

Is this Cosmo or Tiger Beat?  Also, someone needs to convince me in the comments that this guy is straight.  Not that he needs to prove anything to me.  I just can’t shake ye olde gay feeling.  And the weed rap proves nothing.