Chace Crawford Gets Busted For Pot

Sometimes, life really does imitate art! Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford was busted in Plano, Texas for having an unlit joint in his car.

The actor was taken in just after midnight this morning for possessing under 2 ounces of marijuana, so it’s just a misdemeanor. But seriously, about time: the Gossip Girl drug bust cherry was bound to be popped! (So when’s the Taylor Momsen coke raid?)

The upside? One sexy mugshot! Let’s be real: there was no chance of
this celebrity mugshot being a disheveled, baggy-eyed mess…he wakes
up looking like this, people! And any chance for Chace to have his picture taken is good by me (looking gorgeous after an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on April 21).