Chace Crawford And Ed Westwick Are Still Best Friends For Life!

OK, everything is still right with the world. Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick remain best friends even though Chace has moved out of their shared apartment.

Showbiz Spy reports that the two are still on very good terms and now hang out more that ever. Apparently, Ed was just too messy for Chace, and vice/versa. One source told the National Enquirer, “The truth is, they’re both total slobs.”

Also, it seems that living was really cramping both their styles. Chace wanted a place where he could have some more privacy, and since Ed has gotten very serious his girlfriend, Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr, it jus felt like the right time.

I’m so happy these two never broke up. When Ed didn’t show to Chace’s birthday, I was just heartbroken. Was Ed upset that Chace was People’s hottest bachelor? Was Chace upset that Ed had won a Young Hollywood Award? The speculation was endless, so I’m glad it’s come to an end.

I am sad they don’t live together anymore. There goes my nightly fantasy.

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