Chace Crawford And 50 Cent Are Homies

Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise after Chace Crawford’s mugshot surfaced, but it turns out the Gossip Girl actor and rapper 50 Cent bonded on the set of their new film Twelve. The actor talked about shooting (literally) with 50 in an interview with L.A. Confidential.

Chace plays a wayward New York youth who deals pot among the wealthy elite of Manhattan (UM sound familiar?) until his life starts spiraling out of control. In one scene, his character gets shot and 50 Cent was on the scene with some tips!

it came time to do it, I basically only had
one try at it, and so I guess I got really
excited,” Chace said. “I was running around
asking, ‘How did we do? How was the
angle?’ And [50 Cent] –with the biggest smirk–is like, ‘Shit!
Chace has never been shot before, has
he?'” Chace is many things, but hard-core is one thing he ain’t.

“Oh, God, I died. That’s
how [50 Cent] is. He’s just a big jokester,” Chace said. “[50
Cent] is like Mr. Nice Guy Next Door.”

Glad to see Chace is really challenging himself in this role…he really wouldn’t have any idea what it’s like to be spoiled NYC teen who smokes pot all the time!