Chace Crawford Talks Gossip Girl, His Time in Australia, And More!

100th Episode
Gossip Girl celebrates their 100th.
Chace Crawford is the new face of Diet Coke in Australia. The Gossip Girl star is currently in Sydney promoting the brand, but took the time to speak with PopSugar Australia about Gossip Girl, being an uncle, girls, and what he plans on doing down under!

The actor spoke of his relationship with his Gossip Girl co-stars:

When you get thrown into something so young, especially in New York City, it’s really novel and fun. It definitely becomes a family. I can’t speak for everyone but I have a nice, special relationship with everyone. I love them all, I really do. We’ve all hooked up with each other [laughs], the story lines come around and switch up so you work with one person a bit more, that’s a treat. When you’re working 16 hours a day on set, it’s such a blessing to be able to get along and have a laugh with the people you’re working with.

The 26-year-old has also recently become an uncle. He said:

Oh my goodness — I don’t even know where to begin! It’s definitely life-changing, even as removed as I am, being the brother. It’s the most beautiful thing. It’s indescribable. He’s a couple of weeks old and he’s just the most beautiful little thing.

Chace arrived in Sydney on Saturday and even though his stay is short, he said he can’t get enough of the city: “It’s beautiful! I’ve always wanted to come, and with the opportunity to come with Diet Coke and work with them down here, it was too good to pass up.”

According to the actor, he doesn’t really have a type in girls, except maybe spontaneity! And although Chace said he hasn’t had a chance to check out the Aussie girls, he might have found his love match with Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Alyce Crawford (no, they’re not related), who he met this weekend!