Chace Crawford Poses And Talks ‘Gossip Girl’ With Mr. Porter Magazine [PHOTOS]

'Gossip Girl' Takes LA
Blake Live and Chace Crawford film in Venice, CA.
Chace Crawford
The 'Gossip Girl' star posed with Emma Roberts.
Is there any TV show with a better looking cast than Gossip Girl?  It’s arguable. However, it’s completely unparalleled as to how much star power the show has drawn its lead actors. After 5 years and 6 season though, Gossip Girl is coming to an end, leaving its leads with full pockets, but empty schedules.

Lucky for Chace Crawford (and us who get to watch him onscreen) however, he’s already planning ahead and taking on the  feature film world. He talked to Mr. Porter gentleman’s magazine about his past, present, and undoubtedly bright future.

Although moving to New York from LA is always a big adjustment, when asked to star in a little show called Gossip Girl, it’s really a no-brainer. A Texas native, Crawford has taken all of his distance from home in stride, saying “I was worried I wouldn’t like it at first because it’s too quiet.” He continues to talk about his high rise apartment, “but now I absolutely love it. You’re isolated, and because you’re high up you feel as if you’re out of the city.”

Although it’s as yet undecided whether or not Crawford will move back to the west coast to continue his career, or stay in New York and work from there. The latter has been working well for Crawford so far, having secured roles in films this year like What To expect When Your Expecting and a role in an upcoming film,  Responsible Adult, also starring Katie Holmes. Not too shabby for an ex-model and commercial actor.

In response to what he wants to do next, Crawford humbly responds, “Working. I just want to be working.” He then comments, “I want to do something really shocking. I know I’m capable of it. The right thing just has to come up.”

Well, one thing is for sure; if his future projects show off his acting chops (and his stunning looks) like they have in the past, he should have no problems drawing an audience. For superficial reasons, at least.

To look through Chace Crawford’s Mr. Porter photo shoot, check out the gallery. And don’t forget to watch the final season of Gossip Girl on Mondays on The CW.