Chace Crawford Is 28 & Looking Great!

July 18th, 2013 // 1 Comment

Happy birthday Chace Crawford!

Wow time has flown by since he was our number one “gossip guy,” on the show Gossip Girl. Hard to believe he is turning the big 2-8! However he looks as handsome as ever.

Over the years Chace’s look has changed here and there. The hair has been slicked back, cut nice and short, left long and shaggy, and the facial hair has come and gone multiple times. Personally my favorite look of his is the look he wore at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.

Based off of comparing Chace’s pictures taken over the years in front of the CW Netowrk sign I’d say he has matured in his looks and developing an even more manly appeal. He is still the same great guy though that fans have come to adore.

There always seems to be a cluster of grinning girls reaching out to him or posing with him for a picture. Proving he takes the time to show his fans some love! We hope this hottie with a top model body has a fantastic birthday that is as sweet as he is!

Take a chance and appreciate this handsome guy was born by checking out more pictures of Chace over the years!

By Megan Synn

  1. Michaela

    Ich möchte so gern den bezaubernd schönen, frisch rasierten Adonis-Körper meines geliebten Christopher Chace, vor allem natürlich sein so süßes Bäuchlein, seine knackigen, ganz zarten, sehr appetitlichen und total süßen Brüste, seine wohl geformten Hüften, seine kräftigen Arme, seine phantastisch schönen Schultern, seinen schlanken Hals und sein feines, ausdrucksstarkes, sehr liebreizendes Gesicht immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich streicheln und küssen, streicheln und küssen, streicheln und küssen, …………. Denn Christopher Chace Crawford ist der schönste und süßeste Mann aller Zeiten.

    Ich sehne mich sehr danach, meinen geliebten Christopher Chace zu verwöhnen.

    Beloved Chace, you are the most beautiful, the hottest and the sweetest young man on our earth. I love you very much.


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