Chace Crawford Dined Alone On Valentine’s Day. Insert Sad Face. [PHOTOS]

Chace Crawford's Bum
It will hypnotize you.
Chace Crawford must have enjoyed his meal as she picks his teeth with a toothpick after dining solo at Hugo’s Cafe on Valentine’s Day ( February 14, 2013) in West Hollywood, CA. All together now – awwwwww.

Chace shouldn’t be alone! There are plenty of girls and boys who would love to have spent Valentine’s Day with the actor.

Maybe he just saving up all of this creative, ah, juices for Fifty Shades of Grey? The former Gossip Girl star told Fox News that he is more than up to the task of playing bondage-loving businessman Christian Grey in the EL James film adaptation.

“I would love the challenge. I have not read the books, but what I know is that it is risqué, and to be honest, anything to shake up from the way I have been going would be good,” Crawford said.

He further explained: “Hey, if they ask me to come and read, I would definitely do so. I don’t even know what the character is like; I haven’t read anything or heard anything about it!”

Crawford added that he would not be deterred by the graphic sex scenes that Fifty Shades of Grey is likely to include.

“I am only comfortable with S&M sex scenes! The other ones are just too simple and boring for me,” the actor teased. “I actually think, whether it is a sex scene, or screaming at something to get something across.

“I think it is kind of attacked the same way, and you’re in the work mode, and you stay professional. It has never been awkward or intimidating.”

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