Chace Crawford Brings His Stubble To Australia [PHOTOS]

Chace Crawford
The 'Gossip Girl' star posed with Emma Roberts.
Chace Crawford's Bum
It will hypnotize you.
You’re so pretty.

Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford was spotted arriving earlier today (December 28th, 2012) at the Sydney International Airport in Sydney, Australia for New Years Eve.

The actor is in town for Monday’s New Year’s Eve soiree at Marquee where he will be joined by Glee actor Matthew Morrison.

Chace was dressed very causally, wearing a faded New York Knicks t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.

Now that Gossip Girl has ended, what is Chace looking to do? He told the Daily Mail… 

“Working. I just want to be working. I want to do something really shocking. I know I’m capable of it. The right thing just has to come up.”

Is someone looking to land the role of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey?”