Céline Dion Shows Off Her Ridiculously Huge Baby Bump

Celine Dion is pregnant again, finally. Hopefully this means we won’t have to see her on the final season of Oprah babbling like a mental case and never shutting up about in-vitro fertilization for a full hour. The 42 year old is expecting twin boys.

Seen here on the cover of Canada’s 7 Jours magazine, Dion hangs out with her 9 year old son René-Charles and her old wrinkly 68 year old husband who knew her when she was a child and definitely wanted to tap that. This relationship has been creepy from day one. Remember that thing they sewed onto her head when they were wed? Yeah me too.

Rumors suggested that there had been complications in Dion’s pregnancy thus far. Reps are saying that’s not true.

“She’s never been in the hospital. Her pregnancy
continues to be healthy, and she feels fantastic,” 
a rep told People Magazine.

Thank God its all going smoothly. Hopefully these kids will pop out and live like diamond encrusted kings sooner than you can say, ‘my heart will go on’.