Celine Dion Is Enchanting

March 21st, 2006 // 14 Comments

Celine Dion is going to be unveiling a new scent called Enchanting Celine Dion. Once again, our trademark snoop, Christopher Peterson dug up this little gem. Would you classify Celine as delightfully charming or attractive? Can a perfume be delightfully charming and attractive? We’ll she’s neither of those two things in this clip of Celine Dion imitating Madonna (via Papermag Blogs)

The trademark details are after the jump.

Goods and Services: IC 003. US 001 004 006 050 051052.
G & S: Soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions
Serial Number: 78819355
Filing Date: February 21, 2006
Current Filing Basis: 1B
Original Filing Basis: 1B
Ceasar’s Colosseum c/o Mrs. Céline Dion 3570, Las
Vegas Blvd. South; Las Vegas NEVADA 89109
Attorney of Record: Robert Cravens, Esq.
Type of Mark: TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lala

    That was one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in awhile… but hilarious. She really is ugly

  2. susiegrl

    Rrrrrufff! Rrrrrufff!
    Down girl, sit! Good girl!

  3. Celine Dion so SOOOOOOOO wack!

    She’s the ONLY entertainer that can give Las Vegas a bad name.

    She Cheapens the Strip.

  4. katie


  5. snob

    Madonna? No way. Looks more like Bea Arthur to me.

  6. Silasdog

    What the hell was that! I mean, was this HER idea? That was whacked out, and stupid too! I mean stoooooopid!

  7. Marco

    For a young girl who didn’t know a word of english back then..Awesome!!…if only people would look at her talent and not just her looks..How can a nobody sell 150 million records..REALLY!!!..

  8. clumberboy

    That was funny indeed. She, of all people, can actually SING the song LIVE!
    Wow… finally, something to laugh at.

  9. SM

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! MY EYES!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  10. [G]

    I think i may have thrown up a little…. yup… i did.

  11. fairmaiden

    ummm I used to be a fan but no more.. Thats just sick and wrong on so many levels… ugh

  12. R Said:

    I hope you know that this clip is being used entirely out of context! This clip is from a French Canadian variety show a year or two before 1987, between 19 to 21 years ago !!!!!. In the show she partly sings and acts. During part of the show she acts out a part as a nerdy unattractive girl with glasses sitting at a diner. Her boyfriend puts her down because she’s not pretty like Madonna. She is hurt by this and daydreams of being like Madonna. In a way, this was suppossed to be a bit funny. Celine acts a little awkward, but she was not even 18 yrs. yet! We should appreciate how hard she worked over 10 years before even getting her first big break in the U.S. She was very lucky and could have easily been ignored by Sony Execs. Even today with all her success and stardom, she is really the anti-star. She doesn’t have any gimmick and is simply herself with all her imperfections. She is still the simple kind and sincere girl next door and an underdog that many secretly route for !!!!

  13. R said

    Sure. We make fun of stars and we resent their success! Its easy to make fun of ourselves when we were younger too! This clip of her acting as Madonna has been responded to way out of context. It’s roughly 18 to 20 years ago!!! This show is definetly at least before 1987. She is acting and singing in a Quebec variety show. She acts as a nerdy glass wearing girl in a diner who is asked why she isn’t pretty like Madonna by her boyfriend. She is hurt by this and then daydreams of being like Madonna. She looks a bit awkward but were making fun of a teenage Dion here!!

    She has always made the public aware of her imperfections. She bucks the trend by remaining her normal kind and sincere self. For some reason, we have to be suspicious about that because we don’t believe anybody is truly sincere anymore. If a star is, then he or she must have pyschological problems!! Every star has to have a gimmick. We assume her gimmick is the good girl next door gimmick and that she is fake. We are not merely bored of her goodness, we are turned off by it!!! Maybe we are the ones with problems!

    Many aren’t aware of how hard she struggled to get noticed after 10 years in Canada and get her first break in the U.S. She came from humble beginnings and is always grateful to be part of show business. Mercifully Sony Execs decided to take a gamble on her. She is keenly aware that she could have easily been passed up and remained in obscurity (save Canada, France & Japan) to this day! People confuse her determination to succeed in a tough business with arrogance. Her mix of kindness and all her imperfections are what made her appealing to people in the first place. Despite how big companies try to market her, she is still the sweet sincere girl next door and the underdog among stars that people secretly route for!

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