Celine Dion Names The Twins: Eddy & Nelson

Eddy and Nelson? Huh. I guess I really shouldn’t be that surprised that those are the names that Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil came up with for their bewborn twin sons.

But it seems the names have meaning, so that’s something. Apparently, Eddy is named after Eddy Marnay, who produced the singer’s first five records. “He was like a father to her,” says Dion’s rep. And Nelson, well, he was named after Nelson Mandela, who Dion met two years ago.

“Céline and René want their children to be inspired by their names, because they were so inspired by these men,” the rep adds.

The singer, seen above in March of this year in NYC, 42, gave birth to the fraternal twins on Saturday at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla.