Celine Dion Had Twins!

42 year-old Celine Dion just gave birth to her twin boys via cesarian section yesterday morning, making this officially baby day!

Celine’s OB/GYN released a statement (don’t even ask how that happened) saying:

“As coach and confidant for over 12 years for Celine and Rene, it is an honor and privilege to make this announcement on behalf of the Celine and Rene. At St. Mary’s Medical Center, at 11:11 and 11:12am, Celine gave birth to 2 healthy baby boys weighing 5lbs 10 ounces and 5 pounds 4 ounces.”

The rest goes on to sound a bit like an Oscar acceptance speech, thereby making this doctor’s statement about his patient even MORE inappropriate, so I’ll spare you the pain.

As happy as I am for these crazy Canadians, I really worry about this growing trend of older mothers.  Granted, we live in a time where medical science has extended the ‘baby window’ by another 10 or more years, which is great news for millions of women out there seeking families, but is this really for the best?  Studies show that giving birth after 40 can pose very real dangers for both mother and child, which many postulate to increase chances of neurological disorders in children that include Down Syndrome.  I certainly don’t judge anyone for their breeding choices, but does it seem fair to endanger your or your child’s life so that you can be a workaholic for a few more years?  Not to mention fertility drugs almost unerringly causing multiples.  Like I said, I don’t fall on either side of the fence, just bringing up a point.  Discuss!

On the other hand, let’s let our brains rest and look at these pictures of Celine and some other bitches at the 2010 Grammy Awards back in January, including Santana (lover of wine and ladies shoes), Rene Angelil (Celine’s super old husband), Beyonce (who shops at the same dress store), Jennifer Hudson, Usher, and Smokey Robinson to block.