Celine Dion Flashes The Crowd In Jamaica [PHOTOS]

Celine In New York
Celine Dion out and about in New York City
Celine Dion gave her fans more than they paid for on Friday night, after accidentally flashing the crowd in a short Balmain dress. The singer was in Jamaica for the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

When asked about her wardrobe, Celine said, “The short gold dress was Balmain….was that short enough? Because normally when people are level the length is fine. But people were like this (looks up)…. So it was like I didn’t think of the people downstairs and me there.”

Lucky for Dion, she was looking incredibly fit, even after giving birth to twins 14 months ago. Celine changed into silver leggings and a white blazer later in the performance that actually covered all of her lady bits.