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May 23rd, 2007 // 4 Comments


The New York Post has a great article today on how much fame victims get paid to show up in clubs. This is the LIFE! You get paid to get drunk and dance around like a slut! Even the sad ones get some scratch. Check it:

  • Carmen Electra – $25K-$30K but she’ll take $20K.
  • Usher – “He won’t take anything less than $150K with a private jet,” says a New York celebrity booker. “If you don’t offer him at least that, don’t even bother calling.” Well, excuse me.
  • William Hung (yeah, that tiny man who sings badly) – Anywhere from $2K-$4K (WHAT?!?!)
  • Lindsay Lohan – Anywhere from nothing if you’re her friend (she has a lot of friends in the club industry, and so occasionally she’ll appear somewhere for free -she’s good like that) to $400K, which is what she’s getting paid for her upcoming 21st birthday party this July at Pure in Las Vegas. “It’s a two-appearance deal,” says our anonymous source. “She’ll get paid $200K to appear at Pure on her birthday and another $200K to appear at the same club later that year.” Rumor has it she’s been shopping her celebration around since last December, with an opening bid of $250K.
  • Caridee English (who? She won America’s Next Top Model last cycle. I’d rather Jaslene.) – She got $3K to host the launch of Runway club in New York but will sometimes get $1K-$2K for smaller things.
  • Kevin Federline – $25K (no, really), but he’d take $10K if you offered.


Find out what Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Janice Dickinson and Fergie charge after the jump.

  • Paris Hilton – According to one Vegas club promoter, she got paid $100K to have her 25th birthday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, complete with a private plane for her and her friends and the penthouse suite. She made another $100K stopping by a 16-year-old girl’s birthday party for less than a half-hour and a rumored $1 million in total including appearance fee and endorsement deals from an Austrian beer company to host a party in Austria earlier this year.
  • Britney Spears – Nothing, for now – she’s trying to revive her singing career – but her last pre-”wig out” party appearance cost Pure in Las Vegas upwards of $300K. The pop princess was paid $260K to appear at the Vegas club on New Year’s Eve and an additional $70K-plus to do the countdown.
  • Janice Dickinson – “She doesn’t charge anything, but she can be very demanding,” says a club insider who asked to remain anonymous. “Everything needs to be comped, and that includes hotel, spa appointments, limo service, flights and bottle service.” The best table at your club is a must. (That’s hot, she’s free. If I buy her a bottle of Grey Goose, will she appear at my apartment?)
  • Fergie – “She charged $50K last December for a two-hour appearance hosting her own birthday party at a club in Vegas, but as of today it’s between $75K and $100K

I need to get famous. Stat. Paid to drink? There is a God?

By J. Harvey

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    Can you imagine the quality of the people who would show up at a club because these tards were sitting in a VIP section doing absolutely nothing?

    It makes you wonder who is dumber, the customers or the club owners.

  2. Elaine

    Jinxy, I’m going to say that the customers are usually the more idiotic of the two parties. The club owners sign the checks to get these “celebs” knowing that for some unfathomable reason, hordes of people will come to see them and the owners will make bank from ticket and alcohol sales. I’ve never been to one of these events, but I would assume the celebrity would be in a VIP area all night, going unseen by most paying patrons. I don’t get it either, Jinxy.

    My biggest question/concern is why in God’s name they would pay Kevin Federline $25,000? If they gave him a sleeping bag, some Boone’s farm, and a clean pair of underwear, he’d be there in a heartbeat. This is the one of the exceptions where the club owners are the dumbasses. Homeboy doesn’t have any fans. What would they even be fans of? His talent for knocking chicks up? His ability to get dumped by the biggest mess of the year? There is no way I can accept that there is any sort of demand, so why are they supplying?

    Also, $150k and a private jet for Usher? What? Does that price include the cost of a time travel device to transport everyone in the club to 3 years earlier when he released his last song and was still relevant? I know he is in the Chicago show now, but I suspect that many of his fans from the height of his career are not Broadway enthusiasts. I know I’m not. Now, if he came back with some spectacular songs reminiscent of My Way and You Make Me Wanna, or another club favorite like Yeah, that $150k price tag would be much more justifiable.

  3. Sorry to be a pain in the arse but Paris got a million bucks for promoting an Australian beer in Australia NOT an Austrian beer in Austria.

  4. Ani

    You guys are completely missing the point – clubs succeed or fail based on reputation. The more celebs go to your venue, the hotter your venue is considered. Whether or not they make their money back on the night the celeb in question is there is irrelevant – it’s a PR investment. Just look at all the free press it garners them.

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