13 Celebs Who Are Obsessed With Working Out [PHOTOS]

Seeing that Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are all probably feeling overstuffed, I felt it appropriate to do a post on celebs who are obsessed with working out. This way we can all gain a bit of inspiration to go for a jog, hit the gym or do some Yoga. Maybe you don’t want to work out, but just want to see some hot celebs, well then this post is for you as well. Enjoy!

First up on my list is former wild child Nicole Richie, who’s now married to Joel Madden, lead vocalist of the Pop Punk band, Good Charlotte.

PHOTOS: Nicole Richie Wedding

Richie now busies herself with taking care of her two adorable children, Harlow and Sparrow, writing books, designing clothes and accessories and working out practicially everyday with her trainer, Tracy Anderson. Richie is such a believer and follower of the Tracy Anderson Method, that she made a video with Anderson. After the jump is the video in which Anderson interviews Nicole about working out, and then the two proceed to do a dance/cardio workout.