Celebs Get Their Party On For Mick Jagger’s 70th Birthday

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Gwen Stefani joined The Rolling Stones for opening tour in LA
The world has had a precious pout for 70 years now, well almost.

Mick Jagger celebrated his 70th birthday a bit early with a party held at Loulou’s members club in Mayfair, London, UK on July 14, 2013.

The celebration began with the Rolling Stones performing at Hyde park in London, UK for the band’s 50th anniversary tour in Hyde park.

Along with Jagger’s beautiful daughters, some of our favorite Brits let loose at Jagger’s party.

Ed Westwick wore red pants, a hoodie exposing his beastly, yet sexy, chest hair and if you look close enough there might be a visible bulge through those pants. Gasp!

Bradley Cooper’s girl, Suki Waterhouselooked like it was quite the night as her hair was all sorts of messy.

As expected, there was a whole lot of punk in the air.

Happy early birthday, Mick!