Celebs Flock To Coachella: Jared Leto Looks Hot, Vanessa Hudgens Makes Out, Lindsay Lohan Hides Her Face & More [PHOTOS]

Vanessa Goes Hipster
The actress lets her hipster out at Coachella 2011.
It’s that time of year again! Coachella. When all sorts of celebrities flock to the California desert to hear their favorite bands play. It’s mostly fun just to see the variety of celebrities who decide to partake. 

You’ve got the usual celebs: Jared Leto being Jared Leto, Vanessa Hudgens looking like a hobo and making out with Austin Butler, Lindsay Lohan who somehow manages to go every year. Then you’ve got your weirder celebs: David Hasselhoff looking like a pirate, Pierce Brosnan keeping up with the young folks–all those sorts of things. 

Check out the gallery for the all the Coachella photos. Trust me, you want to see David as a pirate. I don’t why it’s a thing, it just is. Wish you were at Coachella? With any celebs in particular? Let us know in the comments!