Celebrity Spotlight: Johnny Knoxville


Johnny Knoxville owes his sick sense of humor to his father, Phil Clapp, owner of Clapp’s Tire Store in Knoxville, TN. Although Johnny was a daredevil from the start (his parents claim he would throw himself out of his crib for fun), his father would play practical jokes on him and everyone else throughout his childhood. What would you do if your father ran a lukewarm hot dog through your lips while you were asleep (then pretended to zip his pants when you awoke), or staged a gunfight at the Christmas party? How would you turn out if your father gave your buddies Ex-Lax or help you create letters from a VD clinic which were sent to several friends on the football team? Probably like our favorite Jackass, Johnny Knoxville.

Johnny was a straight-A student that craved being the center of attention (shocker). After graduating high school, Johnny packed up his bags and moved to California to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His stint as a college student didn’t last much longer than a few weeks.

Johnny married the girl next door, a Texan named Melanie, in 1995. The couple ran off to Vegas with the intention of eloping, but Johnny, ever the responsible one, gambled away all their money and they had to tie the knot at a smaller church than they planned. In 1996, Johnny became a father to Madison. In order to support his family, Johnny Knoxville appeared in commercials (Taco Bell, Mountain Dew, etc.) and wrote a novel (he never finished it).

Knoxville struck gold when, in 1996, he got the idea to shoot himself with a taser, a .38, pepper spray, and a stun gun and then write about the experiences. This idea snowballed into what we now know (and love) as Jackass on MTV. Johnny has appeared in many movies, including Coyote Ugly, Life Without Dick, and Deuces Wild, to name a few.

For some important Johnny Knoxville statistics (and more photos), keep reading after the jump!

Important Statistics:

Full Name: Phillip John Clapp (nicknamed “PJ”)
Born: March 11, 1971 (age 36)
Birth Place: Knoxville, TN
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Physical Attributes: 6’1″ with lots of scars
Marital Status: Currently divorcing from wife of 11 years, Melanie; has a daughter, Madison and has her name tattooed on his chest over his heart


Random Facts:

Swung nude on a rope across a pep rally when in preschool
Purchased a cabin from Johnny Cash
Played role of a two-headed alien in “Men in Black”
Voted 48th Greatest Sex Symbol by Channel 4 (a British TV station)
Prior to landing Jackass on MTV, was approached by Saturday Night Live to do similar stunts as a cast member

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