Celebrity Sighting: Lauren Conrad Shops At Whole Foods

One of our readers sent us the details of Lauren Conrad’s little grocery shopping trip to Whole Foods.

We thought it would be just another boring lunch trip to the Whole Foods by our apt. in West Hollywood. But what’s this? A group of about seven Paparazzi outside? Someone pretty famous must be inside. Britney? Paris? We walk to the salad bar and I first notice Ian Gomez from “Felicity” & “The Drew Carey Show.” Wow, it would be really weirdly awesome if all the paps were for him.

My Boyfriend and I go stand in line to order lunch and begin arguing over who gets to canvas the store for celebs. I win and walk just a few feet before I see Lauren Conrad. I have to admit “The Hills” is a guilty pleasure for me and I am a fan of sort of LC. I report back to the boyfriend who then takes his turn to celeb gawk. Apparently Lo (our fav.) is also with her. They look great, both very cute in person. After a few minutes we hear a squeal and look back to see a “gaysian” excitedly saying ‘Hi!.’ He then apologizes and they are very accommodating saying “That’s ok…”

While waiting for our chicken quesadillas my boyfriend and I hatch a plan to leave the store behind them so we can be “caught” in the background of all photos. What media whores we instantly became! The check out guy took a few minutes too long so we missed their exit filled with flashbulbs, but they had parked a couple cars down from us and the photo madness was still happening. It looked pretty intense having all these guys lurch around you flashing bulbs, and I can see why it would drive people a little crazy. I had to shoo a few paps away from my car just so I could pull out. Then their was a mass car exiting mayhem as the photogs tried to leave at the same time to follow. They were very pushy and I had to honk a few times to avoid being hit. We didn’t manage to get in any of the photos but my car is in one of them! And for a few seconds my boyfriend makes it in the background of one of the videos. I think we are famous now.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN