Celebrity Sighting: Hilary Swank and OJ

Not together. These celeb sightings were sent in by a few of our readers.

I was in Rome last weekend for a vacation, and did INDEED see Hillary Swank with this guy walking around the cobbled streets.  She kept on glancing at me as much as I her… perhaps suspicious I would tell her secret?  In any case- they were DEFINITELY romantically involved because she was frolicking around, they were both very touchy-feely, laughing, kissing, and he kept on putting his hand on/UP her butt! 

OJ walked past us last night at the SEMINOLE HARD ROCK HOTEL AND CASINO in Ft. Lauderdale.  He was wearing a gray polyester type jogging suit, and he was limping.  He was using a medical type cane that he really leaned on to help him walk.  He was smiling from ear to ear as people were recognizing him as he headed towards the Oaks Restaurant and Club all by himself.  I did not realize how large his head is…  who eats at a casino with out stopping to gamble..  I thought he was broke?

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