Celebrity Sighting: Paris Hilton Shopping At Bergdorf Goodman’s

November 16th, 2004 // 8 Comments

pariscopeThis orange hued Paris Hilton sighting, was sent in by a Socialite’s Life reader:

So, how do I begin? My hands are still shaking. I was shopping at Bergdorf Goodman’s right before closing, on level 5, contemporary wear. I rounded the corner to the shoe department and I see a small crowd “ooing” and “awing” over a dog. Then I see a tiny chihuahua in an adorable pink dress having a look around, her toes tapping on the marble floor. Then I see her, golden blonde hair, unsightly orange tan, radiant. I am suddenly overcome with anxiety and begin to shake, adrenaline rushes through me. She is less than five feet away from me. This is my first celebrity sighting, ever. I had always promised myself that if I ever saw a celebrity, I wouldn’t stare or gawk or make myself noticeable. So, I didn’t. I couldn’t calm myself so I started to browse the shoes when I saw the most awesome pair of LuLu Guinness kitten heel pumps. Paris walks a few steps over to the boots and shouts “How hard or these? I need to find stuff for my show!” and I think “Oh, God.” and her entourage is fawning over the dog, and her mom is chatting to someone. I walk over to a distracted salesgirl and ask her for the shoes in a size 8 1/2, and then I sit my fabulous-self down, look up once at Paris inspecting some tall black boots, then pretend not to notice her. The salesgirl returns, I am putting on the shoes, and Tinkerbell is trotting right past me, as Paris moves by, as well. I don’t look up. I am shaking. I wanted to tie her up and put her in my purse. I wanted her to notice me. I wanted her to say “Hey, you shop at Bergdorf’s too, let’s be friends”. And then she was gone. I paid for the shoes, and I was shaking so badly I could not make my own signature. I casually continued to shop, but she was long gone. She looks a lot better in person. Except for that nasty orange tan.

Everyone gets a little star struck.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. George

    I think I would vomit if I saw the skank myself.

  2. I met Paris (and Nicky) at a fashion show down in Australia once… she love being fawned over waaay to much! Definately not my fav celeb, esp after I met her.

  3. mediaphyter

    How could anyone become nervous around her? I think I would take the opportunity to publicly mock her. She’s just a talentless whore with a lot of daddy’s money. I resent her celebrity because she does not deserve it.

  4. lisa

    I went to a public high school in an afluent town. My family was no where near afluent we used every penny we had to move there for the free private school education in a public school. Many of my classmates where children of celebs and some where themselves celebs. So I was pretty much trained not to care if you where a celeb or not. I catagorize people into three catagories.

    Nice ones, mean ones, and clients.

  5. nikki

    That’s a great photo of her lazy eye.

  6. Drana

    Okay, I regret making as big of a deal I did about her. Yes, I was starstuck, but now I’m just pissed off.

  7. thats_hot

    i think paris hilton is 1 hot bitch n 2 all u guys out there who bagg her hav u stopped n thought 4 a minute? she’s a rea; person. no matter what the tabloids say about her. ok so she cums across as a slut, whore wateva u wanna call her. but the sex tape was a mistake n she realises it. she was young n stupid. not every1s perfect. so next time u go n say awful things about her think 4 a second that she is a real human being ok n ur just jelous coz shes got more money than all u put 2getha.

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