Celebrity Photographer Tom Munro Is Jumpin’ On The Book Wagon

You might not know the name Tom Munro, but you certainly know the famous faces he photographs. Just pick up any trendy magazine (W, Elle, Vogue), and you’re sure to see a glossy picture of of a famous celebrity shot by big Tom (not sure if he’s actually big, but you get the picture). Now you don’t have to spend upwards of 5 dollars to flip through ads to see the celebs’ pretty faces – Munro is putting out a book entitled simply “Tom Munro” featuring all the famous faces who have catapulted his career thus far.

Munro started as an assistant to renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel, but two years later he took his connections and ventured out on his own to make a name for himself. His first professional break was shooting Johnny Depp in 2001. “I was pretty nervous, yeah,” divulged Munro, “Now I feel very comfortable and enjoy shooting celebrities. Initially, I was out of my comfort zone. You have to be more graceful and accommodating [with celebs].”

As a self-proclaimed “introvert”, Munro has become a favorite for celebrities, as they request him for their shoots now. Munro confesses that he doesn’t try to befriend everyone he shoots, and as we all know, celebrities appreciate their privacy being respected. Through his years behind the lens, some celebrities, most notably, Madonna, have become more than his subjects and now count him amongst her few close friends. She even has a quote in the beginning of the book, “To have your picture taken by Munro is kind of like smoking a bubblegum cigarette.” And I think that says it all.

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