Celebrity Mundane: Jake Gyllenahaal Drinks a Smoothie, Reese Witherspoon Drinks Coffee

April 20th, 2007 // 19 Comments

(Mavrix Photo/Flynet)

Until Jake Gyllenhaal hits the town with possible girlfriend Reese Witherspoon, this is all they’re giving us. So in anticipation of that first public outing, we need to come up with nickname for Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. How about Rake or Gyllenspoon? Leave your suggests in the comments.

More photos of Jake and his smoothie and Reese and her coffee after the jump.

(Mavrix Photo/Flynet)

By Jessica Marx

  1. Margaret

    Nooooooooo. If I can’t have Jake, I want him for Jen. They kiss so cute.

  2. trish

    i vote for gyllenpoon (no s.)

  3. Michelle

    I don’t have a suggestion for the couple’s name but we could start calling Jake’s junk “Reese’s Pieces”

  4. lookwhaticando

    I think they would make a great couple, I don’t think they are dateing, but they would look good together, And I LOVE jake

  5. kimrock

    I like “Jakespoon”.

  6. peachpie

    how about just ‘jake and reese’. these two are too nice and genuine for some lame name.

  7. Sarah

    “Rake” is hilarious. But I agree, they are too cute for nicknames …

  8. Lauren

    Reese… Jake…


    Haha, maybe not…

  9. dre


  10. dre


  11. @ma



  12. stolidog

    Reeaal. just keeping it real.

  13. Jorge

    I love the comment about Jake’s junk being called Reese’s Pieces.

  14. Katies


  15. showstopper

    How about Jeeserspoon?

  16. Linda

    How about Jake and his latest beard?

  17. aeck

    Hoe about just fake (which it is)

  18. aeck

    How about just fake (which it is)

  19. How about GyllenBeard ;o)

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