Celebrity Memoriabila Site Will Help Cover Corey Haim Funeral Costs

Corey Haim was broke before he died, living with his mother who was battling cancer. Corey Feldman said on Larry King last week that his friend didn’t even own a car. They family buried him in his native Toronto, but couldn’t cover all the costs. His mother, Judy Haim, reached out the the pucblic for donations.

A celebrity memorabilia site, Startifacts, offered to provide $20,000 from Haim-related auctions towards the transportation of the body, the headstone and other burial costs. They are providing the money next week, before items are even sold. That seems like a lot more then what they will make on what they are currently auctioning now: DVDs, t-shirts, and VHS.

The autopsy so far determined Corey’s suffered pulmonary congestion and heart failure, but the LA County Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter told US “the final cuases of death is pending toxicology and other reports” which could take up to six weeks. A discovered unauthorized prescription among Corye’s belongings has led to an investigation of an “illegal and massive prescription-drug ring.”

Here’s Corey back in 2008 at the Eyegore Awards and Halloween horror fest held at Universal studios and  smoking a cigarette  outside the Emmy Gift Suite at Sunstyle Tanning on Robertson Boulevard. Even two years ago Corey had no problem chatting up the ladies.