Celebrity Matchmaker: Sandra Bullock Edition

Now that Sandra Bullock’s divorce from Jesse James has been officially finalized, she’s free to play the field and maybe, eventually, find a new full-time Daddy for her new son Louis. We’ve borrowed cupid’s quiver to attempt to make a love connection for “America’s Sweetheart”. Ideally, she really should hook up with a “Joe the plumber” type – not involoved in show biz at all, but Sandra’s so busy cranking out hits and winning awards to get out there and meet someone beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. So, without further ado, here’s five possible candidates to be the future Mr. Bullock and half of a new tinsel town “power couple”:

1. Keanu Reeves. Face it, if it wasn’t for Keanu, the world may have never heard of Sandra Bullock. Yeah, yeah, there was Demolition Man, the Working Girl sitcom (okay, I don’t remember that either) and the TV movie Bionic Showdown, but Sandra became a breakout star when she teamed with the “Wizard of Whoa” for the big budget blockbuster hit Speed in 1994. Not only did Sandy win over movie audiences by displaying an incredible amount of cool (and sweetness) as her Speed character Annie Porter, she and Keanu also had some great on-screen chemistry (Jason Patric and Speed 2, not so much.) Can’t you see them falling in love on the set, a la Brad and Angie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith?

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2. Guy Ritchie. This poor guy got put through the wringer by ex-wife Madonna, and he deserves a good woman like Sandy – and he could definitely use a mate/muse that can actually act (I mean, did anyone sit through Swept Away? I thought not.) Getting Sandra in his next movie could do for Guy what having Brad Pitt in Snatch did for his directing career. Besides, if Sandra took up residence with Guy in jolly old England, you can pretty much guarantee she won’t pick up a fake British accent!

3. Liam Neeson. This Irish born actor, once described as a “towering sequoia of sex” could be Sandra’s lucky charm in love. He remained strong in the face of tragedy, after losing his wife Natasha Richardson after a skiing accident in March of 2009. Our hearts went out to him, feeling his pain and we hoped for nothing but the best for him in his future. So, why not hook him up with Sandra? Aside from his steely good looks and that wonderful Irish brogue, Liam is no stranger to the award ceremony red carpet, being nominated for his tour-de-force performance in Schindler’s List. He’s also had a number of blockbuster hits of his own under his belt, including the recent Taken and The A-Team (and we’ve already forgiven him for the Star Wars sequels!) and showed he can handle a rom-com with his appearance in Love Actually. I’d actually love to see these two together!

4. Gerard Butler. He’s Hollywood’s resident (single) bad boy, reportedly hooking up with such famous ladies as Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Anniston and Nicole Scherzinger. Obviously, Sandra likes the bad boys and Gerard has pretty much checked off all of the items on the list of naughty boy requirements (a wide assortment of hook-ups, mandatory scuffles with the paparazzi, etc.) And, as a bonus, he has no photos in Nazi regalia and certainly is easy on the eyes. If he can tame his womanizing ways, his sense of humor and cheeky personality would be a great match for the congenial Sandra (and we could probably think of at least 300 other reasons why they’d make a great couple.)   

5. A rehabbed, contrite Jesse James. Hey, stranger things have happened! Sometimes it’s hard to leave a good bad boy behind (remember in Truth or Dare when Madonna stated that the love of her life was Sean Penn?) and if Jesse could prove he’s left his tattooed mistreses and ill-advised, impromptu photo sessions behind, who knows? Sandra and Jesse could become the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of our era. They had a turbulent relationship, were tabloid favorites and eventually remarried (only to divorce again). Could history repeat itself?

That’s my two cents – what do you think? Put on your celebrity matchmaker hat and let us know who you think would be a perfect match for Sandra!