Celebrity Magnet: Tom Murro’s Photos Of Barack Obama & Others

It’s a daunting task, gathering up the courage to approach a celebrity
and ask for a photo. After all, they spend all day long smiling for
photographers on the red carpet and the rest of the time, ducking the

But Tom Murro
is one celebrity enthusiast who obviously has a knack for getting the
money shot. You remember him, don’t you? He’s the guy to whom Daniel Craig offered his watch when the two met just outside of the Broadway theater where Daniel stars in A Steady Rain.

we found Tom quite charming and as it turns out, his collection of
celebrity photos is quite impressive, including several candid photos
of President Barack Obama,
all of which he assures us are the real deal. As Tom tells it, “Yes the
photo is real… we met him on Martha’s Vineyard one on one all thanks
to Spike Lee
vouching for us with the Secret Service, the president was cool and
gracious, I almost passed out! What an honor. My wife was was so mad
that she didn’t make the trip with us…oh well maybe next time.”

out the gallery, as well as a complete list of Tom’s entertaining
descriptions of his celebrity encounters by clicking the “continue
reading” link!

Gallery Info: President Barack Obama, Spike Lee, Governor Patrick of Massachusetts, Phil Simms of Neiman Marcus, Joan
Rivers, Christy Carlson Romano, Bill Pullman, Daniel Craig, Dustin
Hoffman, Hugh Jackman, James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Meg Ryan,
Stanley Tucci
, Carly Simon and Yogi Berra pose with amateur celebrity photographer Tom Murro.

Tom goes on to say of Barack Obama, “His press pool was nowhere in sight because he likes to play without them throwing off his game.” Ha! Well, done, Mr. Murro! As for the rest, as Tom tells it:Spike Lee: with the president very quiet ,photo with my daughter, much nicer than he is made out to be in the news, after the photo he even took his glasses off!Governor Patrick of MA: He liked my President pics but didn’t like being 2nd to the president.lolPhil Simms: at Neiman Marcus N.J. buying $5,000 suits asked me if I wanted his salesman to help me , not sure he understands average citizens can’t afford $5,000 suits, I think he was joking??Joan Rivers: NYC, pretty funny and vulgar in person.Christy Carlson Romano: (Disney’s Kim Possible) Sitting at the mall, Weird for me and for her too I’m sure-lol  my daughter was happy!Bill Pullman:  NYC He liked that the real president photos and his movie president photo were in the same cameraDaniel Craig: NYC, offered me his watch I think, still not sure if he was kidding, pretty cool , go 007!Dustin Hoffman: just wandering aimlessly in NYC,  he joked and said his picture with me was better than my picture with the president, photo taken by his daughter Alexandra, he was very nice -Don’t we look happy?Hugh Jackman: NYC  also very nice, just smiles allot, for good reason I guess.James Gandolfini: NYC Not too pleasant , It seems like he hates his celebrity or his fans or both-lol My wife jumped into the photo, she has a habit of doing that.Marcia Gay Harden: NYC very cute, quiet and niceMeg Ryan: Marthas Vineyard- refused to be photographed – same day as the president but  obviously busier than the President!Stanley Tucci: Marthas Vineyard, refused photo, maybe he spoke to Meg.Yogi Berra: from my camera in Sept this year. I asked him to sign a photo to give to Spike to thank him for helping us meet the president. He actually did one for Spike and for the president too! Carly Simon: She just stepped out of a portapotti and there we were- lol  Are you old enough to know who Carly is??I’m so mad I can’t find my Dan Aykroid and Bruce Willis photos from this past summer…too bad, they are great!