Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro Goes To The Tribeca Film Festival

April 30th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Tom the Celebrity Magnet did it again drawing in celebs at the Tribeca Film Festival. Here’s a roundup of his adventures and a list of who’s naught and who’s nice.

  • President of Rwanda Africa: At the showing of The Earth Made of Glass he was in the right place at the right time as usual for Tom. “I was told before the screening that the President would not take any photos or interviews and that he would be completely inaccessible to all press. Well I was standing outside the theater after seeing this moving documentary and It was raining quite a bit. President Paul Kagame on his way out of the theater removed himself from his SS detail and was actually kind enough to walk over and share his umbrella and his kind words for the movie with me. A nice woman there offered to photograph me with the president and of course I was thrilled.”
  • He also took a picture with Jean Pierre Sagahutu the star of the movie and met Robert De Niro at the after party.
  • Tom ran into a very distracted looking Casey Affleck at the premier of The Killer Inside Me.
  • He quickly caught Kate Hudson there as well. Too bad he couldn’t have been the one to save her from that monster breeze.
  • At the same premiere Jessica Alba was “Unwilling to take a photo with anyone off of the carpet and hid her face from fans.”
  • He says of Dennis Leary, “Gave me the blow off! Kind of a douche!”
  • A much nicer fellow, Timothy Busfield actually offered the photo a The Infidel
  •  At Chameleon, Ellen Barken’s publicist Dana Archer took a shot of Tom with the lovely actress and Tom got an exclusive candid of her enjoying her movie popcorn. “She was thrilled to do it and said that she had never done that before. I told her to laugh and to stuff her face with the popcorn and she happily obliged!” Another exclusive, Ellen loves to drop the F bomb and she shares popcorn.

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“I suggested a group shot with her producer Bill Perkins and
the writers and she playfully said ‘f’-ck them just take the pics of
me!’ I couldn’t stop laughing. She then realized that her name was on
the paper behind her head and said ”I have to remove my F’ing name so
we can take another f’ing picture!” And of course I took another pic.
Such a beautiful flower and a truck driver at the same time..too funny! “

  • He
    ran into Brian Geraghty at Chameleon who he called a
    “great guy and from Jersey like me.” He sounds down to earth because Tom
    admitted to deleting his photo after the Gotham Awards because he
    didn’t know who he was and The Hurt Locker actor “thought that
    was pretty funny and happily took a new one.”

  • He also met Bond girl Famke Janssen at Chamelon,
    who looks stunning, but came off as a “Bit of a diva.”
  • He
    loved meeting Juliet Lewis at Metropia finding
    her “very touchy feely, flirty and fun! Told me she loves guys from
    Jersey and asked me if I was single.”

  • He met another fun, if not quite as flirty, actor at Metropia,
    Alexander Scarsgard, after fighting his way through a
    crowd of girls.
  • At the Open House screening he met
    the statuesque Tricia Helfer saying “her hip was by my chest and
    I think she was wearing flats!”
  •  He met the stars of the
    film Monica and David, A Sweet couple with down syndrome
    starring in a movie about how they live their lives.” When I was talking
    with Monica I complimented her white fur jacket and she innocenlty
    revealed that she bought it at Sachs and that it was very, very
    expensive, I told her to keep that a secret from now on.”
  •  At letters
    to Juliet
    he got a shot with the director Gary Winick
    with Amanda Seyfried and Christopher Egan,
    who set it up for us in the lobby, which was very cool of him
    considering the crowd and that Getty had the exclusive.

  • The cute little round guy is’ Omid Djalili who
    stared in a film called The Infidel. Tom said he was a “Very
    nice guy and the movie about a Muslim who finds out he was adopted and
    his birth parents where Jewish.”
  •  Micheal Moore
    went to see the film and said he really enjoyed it. He seemed to be a
    “Pretty humble guy.”

By Madison Ventura

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