Celebrity Denim

This is what happens when you ask celebrities to design jeans?

Ben Affleck’s designer denim looks comfortable and sports the well worn look. With a simple clover embellishment on the back of the jeans the design actually impressed me. The less is more look never goes wrong. I preferred this pair over the other male celebrity designs.

Eva Longoria’s look started great from the front. However, as you see the back of the pants has a giant “Spurs” logo on the ass. Who wants to walk around with their rump looking like a billboard?

I loved Charlize Theron’s design. The embellishments made the jean unique without looking like something you would find at K-Mart. She took an average jean and skipped the hippy butterfly and flower designs and went for something different.

I hate to say it, but the worst pair I saw were done by Kelly Ripa. It is one hot mess of sparkles and bows. It looks like a tween went nuts with a beed-dazzler.

Celebs Bling Their Jeans [TMZ]

Written by Cara Harrington