Celebrity Court Drama

July 20th, 2005 // 4 Comments

Celebrity lawsuits are flying left and right these days. We’ve got Colin Farrell, Cameron Diaz and Lil’ Kim suing, while Paris Hilton is being sued. Here’s a breakdown on all the cases.

Colin Farrell: So the Colin Farrell sex tape does actually exist after all. Colin is suing Nicole Narain (above) for allegedly trying to distribute and profit from a sex tape he says the two recorded with the agreement they would never make it public. He has a fantastic chance of winning this one. [AP]
UPDATE: Superior Court Judge David Yaffe blocked Nicole Narain from selling, distributing or displaying the 15-minute tape that shows her and Farrell having sex. [AP]

Lil’ Kim: The rap star is suing a witness from her trial, accusing the witness of unlawfully using her name and image to promote a DVD. The girl needs some cash for her get out of jail bash. [AP]

Paris Hilton: She’s being sued by her fiancee’s ex-girlfriend, Zeta Graff, for causing “a number of vicious lies … to be published in the New York Post” about an incident June 1 at the London hot spot Kabaret. Girl on girl suit – boys try not to drool. [R&M]

Cameron Diaz: The latest development in the case of Cameron vs. the photographer blackmailer, is that a signature on a model release form involving topless photos of Cameron Diaz appeared to be forged, using an autographed publicity photo of the actress. [ABC News]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Liz

    Really what did Colin Farrell expect? I suppose he was drunk? I know he is cute and all but he just grosses me out.

  2. barbara

    She’s cute..what was she thinking?? He’s a dickhead..

  3. Lotus

    He has a HUGE ….!!! That’s what she was thinking!!!

  4. Lisa

    After seeing her, I no longer want him.

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