Celebrity Chef Michelle Bernstein: ‘I Love Paris!’

Celebrity and James Beard Award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein is back to give Socialite Life the low down on the best places to eat around the globe. This time she takes us to Paris.

I LOVE PARIS! I love so much about it, fashion, architecture, and joie de vivre! As a chef, the one subject I can talk about effortlessly is food as its transcendent!

I have to start with the best bite I have every taken in my life, so good it made me cry like a baby on a fancy street that looked down upon me for eating on it at all. Pierre Herme is a pastry chef that has a couple of beautiful small pristine pastry shops and he is hands down the very best. He is most known for his macaroons, not the coconut ones, the French ones. Filled with white truffles and hazelnuts or pistachios and deep chocolate. But what made me cry was a simple napoleon. I can’t describe it, oh my I’m going to cry again, it was PERFECT. Everything in the store is perfect. You will wait in a huge line as if you were trying to catch a glimpse of a rock star; to me Mr. Herme is that rock star.

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Not far from that experience was L’Arpege,
one of the most respected restaurants in Paris. I went for lunch which
was more affordable, friendly and I got to see the master chef Alain
Passard eating his own food and writing his menu for that evening. He
has farms near Paris that grows some of the best vegetables I have ever
tasted. In fact I had a simple beet roasted in sea salt and served with
cherry vinegar that I will never in my life forget. The braised lobster
was perfect and the foie gras blew me away.

Finally, for a more casual spot, you have to try L’As du Fallafel,
located in the Jewish Quarter. Bustling, this little place makes a
sandwich that will make you swoon. Hummus, cabbage, fried eggplant and
piquant falafel balls that pack a punch.

There is really so much great food in Paris, try and get a taste of
everything. Upscale, downscale, sweet, savory, clean and dirty. The
memory will stay with you forever.

Try this recipe to bring the taste of Paris home.

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