Celebrity Buzz Meter for June 15th, 2007

June 15th, 2007 // 2 Comments

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Why is Kelly Clarkson sad? What the hell is caber tossing? Why did I say ‘A Mighty Wind’ when I know the movie is ‘A Mighty Heart’ and what celebrities have had the most BUZZ in the past week? SocialiteLife.TV wraps up the week and counts down the buzzalicious Top 10!

By Wayne Ford

  1. Mel

    I am so damn sick of seeing Rosie’s big, fat face everywhere.If they give her The Price is Right to host,it’ll last probably a year. Forget about the contestents, as long as the fat lesbian is on T.V., that’s all we’ll see. That ugly mug. Bacause we all know she hates being the center of attention.

  2. Irvine Welsh

    Caber tossing is the ancient Scottish game, originally a logging skill for getting cut logs across a river, of hurling a tree trunk the size of a telephone pole as far as humanly possible. Google “Scottish highland games” and read all about it.

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