Celebrity Buzz Meter for August 3rd, 2007

August 3rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

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Buzz it up, bitches! Expect the unexpected in this week’s addition of Celebrity Buzz Meter. It’s the countdown show that brings you the most buzzed about celebs from the past week and mixes it in with a little comedic craziness. In other words, we do it drunk…and sometimes angry. It’s not just celebrities who are haunted by skeletons in their closets, Wayne’s also got some dirty laundry that he wishes would just go away. Or wash itself. Or stop dialing 1-900 numbers. Oh yeah and it’s also NSFW because Wayne felt like cussing and not beeping it. Cause he’s hard like that.

By Wayne Ford

  1. leilah

    Aww, shit — that was HILARIOUS!! Britney’s antiquing; what’s next spelunking? LMAO! Dianne “has my career really come to this” Sawyer! LOL! DOMINICAN STEVE!!! LMFAO!!! And, the judge delaying the trial in order to find out how the “Closet” stories end! ROTFLMFAO!!!!! I’m just glad I didn’t read this until Saturday — ’cause I wouldn’t've been able to finish the work day yestiddy!!

  2. ddddddd

    love this. especially the recurring r-kelly line.

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