Celebrity Autobiography: Stars Do Our Job For Us

Oh wow, this looks like my kind of event. On the Largo stage in Los Angeles, California, many a famous face took to the stage to read passages from the autobiographical tomes of their fellow celebrities.

The event was aptly titled, Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words and featured Ryan Reynolds, Lorraine Newman, Fred Willard and Jennifer Coolidge, just to name a few, incarnating such self-indulgent celebs at Star Jones, Suzanne Somers, Neil Sedaka and Mr. T.

As if it couldn’t be more appealing, all the proceeds go to benefit the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation. The only thing I worry is that if all this teasing of famous folk catches on, I’ll soon be out of a job.

Gallery Info: Ryan Reynolds, Craig Bierko, Jennifer Coolidge, Lorraine Newman, Matthew Perry, Leslie Ann Warren, Tracee Ellis Ross, Fred Willard
and Bruce Vilanch at the Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words at the Largo stage in Los Angeles.