Celebrity Whispers: Political Edition [VIDEO]

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Celebrity Whispers

Following the debates, everyone had something to say about it. Whether or not you usually follow politics, odds are you tuned into at least some of the intense debating between President Barack Obama and his fellow presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Election time is only about a month away, which, as we all know, means the political world is about to get a lot tenser and quickly too! So how do we avoid the tension?

As always, comedian, Jimmy Fallon is more than ready to supply us with comic relief. On his show, he decided to host the “Celebrity Whispers” segment, but put a political twist on it. He shows various politicians whispers to people and it’s a lot like an awful lip reading.

What dance do we see Obama trying to “learn” in the video? Who are the people joining him? It looks like the politicians know how to have more fun than they publicly let on, which really isn’t that fair, is it?

Check out the segment and let us know what you think in the comments below!




By Erin Cosgrove

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