Celebrity Vampires Enjoy Coachella: Rob & Kristen Hold Hands

While their relationship might still be strained in the wake of Kristen Stewart’s very public affair with director, Rupert Sanders, she and her Twilight co-star and boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, were seen again at Coachella looking very much a couple as they enjoyed the festivities on the second day walking hand in hand. A source tells Hello! magazine that the couple are hard at work repairing their relationship and, “I think this is the strongest their relationship has ever been.”

Another famous on-screen vampire in attendance that day is über-cool True Blood star, Alexander Skarsgard. He is looking mighty sleek and hipster in his tight jeans, t-shirt and sunglasses and cool sneaks. I have to say, I’ve spotted him in person walking down the street in Santa Monica and that man is one tall drink of water. And you know there are some positively parched ladies there in Coachella just looking for a sip.

Nick Jonas was also there, looking quite incognito and sporting some scruff around the chin and lip area. And, in case you couldn’t tell from his budding facial hair, he made sure to confirm all suspicions by wearing a t-shirt that says, “I am a man.” Note that Alexander Skarsgard needs no such proclamation. We just KNOW.