Celebrity Run Ins: The Afflecks & The Berrys Say Hey [PHOTOS]

Halle's Bikini Body
Halle Berry and Nahla with Olivier and his family at the beach.
Ben Affleck Shows Skin
And a tattoo you wouldn't believe!
Nothing gives me more joy that seeing random celebrities in the same place. So imagine my excitement when Ben Affleck & Co. ran into Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Santa Monica. Ben and the kids seem to be doing some Mother’s Day shopping, while Halle was blowing off some steam after hosting the Revlon Run/Walk

Honestly, how well do you think they know each other? They’ve never done a movie together before. It seems like one of those, “Oh I’m famous! Oh you’re famous! Let’s get tea and crumpets!” Sadly, I don’t think tea and crumpets were involved. 

Too bad Nahla wasn’t there. She could have played with Violet and Seraphina. Speaking of things to play with, I think I’m a little over Halle’s hair. Anyone else? Launch the gallery to check out all the photos. Which celebrities would you like to see run into each other? Leave us your pick in the comments.