Celebrity Run-Ins: That One Time Katy Perry Spotted Jane Lynch While Hiking [PHOTOS]

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Few things are more entertaining than when a celebrity spots another celebrity.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday (March 30) when both Katy Perry and Glee’s Jane Lynch decided to take a pre-Easter hike in Studio City. Obviously there was hugging and loving and it was adorable.

Katy looks to be doing just fine following her recent break-up with John Mayer. Look, she’s even got a cute little flower tucked behind her ear. Plus, have you seen John’s hat choices of late? I think Katy is doing just fine. So, what do you think Katy and Jane chatted about? 

John Mayer? The media? The state of the economy? Ice cream? Honestly, the options are endless. Also, I had no idea Katy and Jane were even friends. Is this just one of those things where they said hi to each other because they’re both famous? Kind of like when you say hi to a person wearing your college’s paraphernalia?

The world may never know. But until then, launch the gallery to check out all the super cute photos of the run-in. I love how they go in for a giant hug. It’s like they know we’re watching. Which celebrity would you like to have a run-in with? Leave us your picks in the comments!