Check Out These Celebrity Post-Baby Bods! [PHOTOS]

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When you hear your favorite celebrity is pregnant it can be very exciting. But then, there is this instant question that comes to mind. No need to lie we are all thinking of it! “How fat is she gonna get?” Am I right? You’re just waiting to see how many pounds this perfect celebrity is gonna put on!

We’ve all seen Jessica Simpson blow up into a big ballon, and now in front of our eyes we are seeing Kim Kardashian do the same. But this time around, her reference is to Shamu. Woah, not the nicest thing to be refereed to, but if the shoe fits! Aside from all these celebrity mommas that have been attacked for their extra lady hump there are a few who worked it all out after poppin’ it out.

Whats there big secret? Because Megan Fox claimed that she doesn’t even work out! What a lucky …. well you can fill in the blank! Sadly, not everyone is as lucky as foxy Megan. Singer Pink reveled to Shape Magazine that she had to undergo a strict vegan diet and begin working out with Jillian Michaels and Jeannette Jenkins. There was absolutely no way Pink was gonna let her newborn take her rock hard abs from her! As for “Jersey Shore” star, Snooki, she has become a total MILF, and let me tell you I sure in hell didn’t see that one coming. Snooki opened up to LA Times proclaiming that she said goodbye to that baby fat by exercise and dieting.

Well, there you go. A secret never really does stay a secret does it? Check out our gallery and see how these celebrity moms have bounced right back into their fabulous figures.

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