Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro Hits The Tribeca Film Festival

Our good friend Tom Murro the Celebrity Magnet attended some after parties Friday during the Tribeca Film Festival, hanging with the likes of Orlando Bloom and Jeremy Piven.  Murro shared some stories with SOCIALITE LIFE from the best shindigs in town.

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The Good Doctor after party-Living Room at the Downtown W

According to Murro, Bloom mingled with guests and happily obliged to have his photo taken.  Wife Miranda Kerr didn’t attend the party (probs because she wanted to get back to the little guy, Flynn).  Sadly, Paul Rudd refused to take any photos with guests, sitting grumpily in the corner with a full beard.  Oh, it’s so hard being rich and famous.

Murro was able to hang out with Bloom for awhile, and things got a little crazy:

“While I was chatting with Orlando one of his female friends was telling a story and her ring flew in the air hitting me in the head before it landed on the dark crowded floor. She had Orlando and the entire section of people hands and knees looking for her ring, letting everyone know how expensive it was, probably not a good idea since it was never found.”

Angels Crest after party-Downstairs at the 675 Bar

Murro told us that he shot pool with Piven, who was a “pretty cool guy.” Mira Sorvino was another star Murro confirmed is very sweet.  And our Celeb Magnet friend had nothing but good things to say about Kate Walsh:

Kate Walsh was much hotter in person than on Private Practice, she’s all legs and very sweet. I told her my wife loves the show and makes me watch it and that I secretly like the show but won’t tell my wife.”