Celebrity Look-A-Likes Featuring Mila Kunis & Rachel Bilson [PHOTOS]

Rachel Bilson Bikinis
Rachel Bilson shows off her red hot bikini body.
Mila Kunis and Rachel Bilson are both beautiful ladies.

And with their long, dark hair, tan skin tone and petite features, Mila and Rachel are most certainly look-a-likes! Just look at the picture of the two of them together. Mila looks like a Russian version of Rachel.

The two gorgeous actresses have been on our TV screen as long as we can remember, and while Rachel is still working it over on the CW, Mila has made quite the name for herself in movies. And both of them seem very happy! 

I mean, wouldn’t you be super happy if you had their lives? They’re beautiful, they’re talented, they’re both dating attractive men! Mila’s busy with Ashton Kutcher, while Rachel has been dating Hayden Christensen for quite awhile. And no matter how awful he was in the Star Wars prequels, dude is pretty hot.

Launch the gallery to check out all the Mila and Rachel look-a-like photos. Do you seen the resemblance? Did you ever have trouble telling them apart when the OC first aired like I did? Sound off in the comments!